why us

"From the beginning it's the people who have made this possible for so long."

"Our team members place our support in the communities that we live in and strive to ensure a better way of life."

JM Farms mission is to provide the safest, best quality and most competitively priced product to our customers while doing so at the most economical cost. We recognize that our team members are our most valuable asset and everyone will strive to provide the safest working environment possible. Our team members place our support in the communities that we live in and strive to ensure a better way of life. 

We will achieve this mission through the long term profitability of the organization by following sound financial practices and the careful planned use of our available resources. Virgil Jurgensmeyer, Joe Jurgensmeyer and Darrell McLain founded J-M Farms, Inc. in the fall of 1979. The Company name was originally J&M Farms, Inc., but was changed to J-M Farms, Inc. When Virgil and Joe purchased Darrell McClain’s interest in the Company on April 15,1982. 

The first mushrooms were picked on March 13,1980 and the first delivery was made the following day to Associated WholesaleGrocers of Springfield, MO. During the summer of 1983 expansion construction began which increased the farm’s growing capacity by 100%. Crossland Construction Co. built the new addition that currently contains the spawn run,setback rooms. The shipping cooler, truck shop and additions to the front office were also completed at this time. Another expansion of 16% came in 1986.In 1991, construction began on our third major expansion increasing capacity by yet another 50% Building expansions and changes in technology have allowed the farm to grow over 60096 from its original size and growing capacity.

J-M Farms, Inc. packs under the J-M Fresh label. Our fleet of trucks deliver product to Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi,New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. 1999 marked J-M’s 20th anniversary. We are proud of this achievement. From the beginning, it is our people who have made this possible and we look forward to our continued success in the next 20 years.

"Our team members place our support in the communities that we live in and strive to ensure a better way of life."




J-M Farm's Annual Charity Golf Tournament
In 2013 was renamed the Steve Wright Memorial Golf Tournament, from all accounts R. Stephen “Steve” Wright was a man who loved his community and helping wherever he could. Wright worked as a plant manager of J-M Farms and passed away in May of 2013.

“Steve was one of those guys that always thought of somebody else first, always was out there working for somebody else first. It was a perfect fit and a great way to honor him. Really we're just a tool for him to continue on his work.” 

-Pat Jurgensmeyer (President of J-M Farms)

J-M Farm's Community Impact
Since the beginning of J-M Farms community has always been a top priority. From the community of Miami, Oklahoma always being cooperative from the beginning of the farms birth to today. From the farm from learning about how to handle the compost in different weather conditions but giving back with the jobs that J-M has created in the community. 

Aiding in the Education of Midwest Agriculture
Virgil Jurgensmeyer received his undergraduate degree in education from the University of Missouri. Before entering the mushroom industry, Virgil was a secondary education teacher and principal. He understands the importance of giving back and adding value to Oklahoma. He has always “talked the talk and walked the walk,” taking steps to ensure his commitment to agriculture.